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Why we S.W.I.M

We think of domestic abuse as a potential destination for any individual regardless of race, gender, sexuality or class. Rather than responding after abuse with ‘how did I get here?’, ‘how do I get out?’, and ‘why did I stay?’ S.W.I.M is the brave new face that encourages us all to recognise and take notice of the signs at an early stage, asking ‘what is my self-worth?’, ‘what can I reasonably expect in a relationship?’, ‘What is acceptable?’, ‘What are my standards for myself?’, ‘How do I spot behaviours and know confidently that they are unreasonable?’
Children who witness domestic abuse at home don’t yet have the choice to leave; girls who are entering domestic abuse relationships as young as 12-years old, don’t realise just how many choices they have.
At Strength With In Me Foundation (S.W.I.M), we work with young people to change mind frames, peer culture and current behaviourisms and teach them how to unearth their fullest potential, equipping young people with the self-esteem and confidence to make healthier relationship choices.

Our Work

The Concept

S.W.I.M is a pioneering new concept aimed at combating the domestic abuse pandemic at a grass-roots level.

Our Process

Raising public awareness of domestic abuse issues and the effects on women and girls both
generally and in relation to their social exclusion, by undertaking research and advising agencies on best practice;

21 Questions

This innovative approach to open dialogue brings together a panel of dynamic and diverse women who invite you to come and ask the questions that. Our only rule is that nothing is taboo and with our panel you are ensured a variety of perspectives. Our last event brought together leading figures Baroness Verma, Sian Hawkins, Kathy Evans, Baroness Hamwee to debate modern domestic abuse at the University of East London’s Noon Centre. “The S.W.I.M team gathered together a panel of clued-up, in-touch, hands-on women and created ’21 Questions’. The idea is to sit and openly explore the pressures and challenges of being a young woman in the 21st Century. This is a rare opportunity for girls aged 13-25 to come and speak about their own realities and ask the questions that are all too often avoided in a relaxed, understanding and honest environment. This is a hot new approach to dialogue.’

S.W.I.M With Us Workshops

Our S.W.I.M. With Us Workshops raise awareness about domestic abuse and the different forms that perpetrators can present themselves.

S.W.I.M aims to give young people the opportunity to explore the impact domestic abuse can have and its different forms. The young people will be supported to develop their understanding of relationships, risky behaviours and keeping safe (age appropriate), issues impacting their lives and to build confidence around making decisions.

The programme is structured to encourage free and open discussion so that young people feel they can express their views and are encouraged to participate in a series of positive activities with a focus on:

  • Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse and its forms
  • Building Resilience & Self Esteem
  • Risk Taking Behaviour
  • CSE & Safe Relationships

Requesting a S.W.I.M With Us Workshop

Request a S.W.I.M workshop by completing a request form and returning it:

By post: S.W.I.M Foundation, c/o Diahanne Rhiney Consultancy, Harlow Business Enterprise Hub, Kao Hockham Building, Enterprise Way, Harlow, ESSEX, CM20 2NQ
By email:

Online at:

Our workshops have been carefully developed and tailored to each age group under the watchful eye of our founder, Dr. Diahanne Rhiney. They are being accredited by NFCE and will be delivered by understanding, experienced and professional LIFEGUARDS.

Interactive Conferences

Our Interactive Conferences offer professionals working with young people aged 7 to 21 years old, the opportunity to work alongside the S.W.I.M Team to become Lifesavers, improve community safety and raise awareness.

An interactive presentation which includes speed- networking and a buffet lunch.

S.W.I.M is in its earliest stages. Yet, our ambitions are limitless. We aim to continue taking our endeavors to a global level so that we can actively intervene in the toxic process that is damaging far too many children the world over.

Join us. S.W.I.M With Us.