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Our Pledge

S.W.I.M’s approach is designed not solely as a reaction to an existing crisis, but one which primarily aims to grasp the issue and take charge of the actions, thoughts, cultures, and beliefs which may make us more vulnerable to being the victims of Domestic Violence.

We understand that as individuals we cannot control the behaviours and actions of others, however, at S.W.I.M we dare to believe that we have within us the strength to be well equipped upon entering any kind of relationship, to confidently ascertain what we are worthy and deserving of and to actively seek out positive relationships.

“Domestic Abuse and abuse is a life-shattering and absolutely abhorrent crime; tackling it is a key priority for this government – and something I have always attached a personal importance to, both as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister. I am clear that we need to build on the measures I introduced as Home Secretary – including the new offence of ‘Controlling and Coercive Behaviour’, Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, and the Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme – and ensure that no stone be left unturned in delivering a system that increases convictions, and works better for victims.” Theresa May


To recognise that domestic violence is a pandemic which affects us as a global community and accept a wider responsibility for emotionally arming ourselves and others.


To isolate new and unspoken methods of domestic violence.


To intervene early on in processes which draw individuals towards violent relationships.


To create a community which actively seeks to instill emotional tools to both prevent new incidents of domestic violence and heal survivors.

About our founder

Dr. Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is a leading domestic abuse interventionist who pens articles for The Huffington Post and The Voice.

Diahanne uses her multiple platforms and enterprises to raise awareness on the social, psychological and political issues that most affect marginalised groups. She has developed groups, presented workshops and spoken extensively on self-esteem, body issues, children in care, abuse, emotional well-being and healthy relationships (including peer pressure and intimate relationship abuse).

A long-time ambassador for children’s and women’s rights, safety and wellbeing and a qualified psychologist, Diahanne founded S.W.I.M after surviving a brutal murder attempt. A long-time ambassador for children’s and women’s rights, safety and wellbeing, Diahanne has also provided training for foster carers on the challenges of online grooming and has worked across borders in New York Miami and L.A, focusing on concepts of ‘wholeness’ and on the Mercy Ships in Ghana. Dr Rhiney has notably spoken in Washington D.C about modern pressures for young women and the culture of social devices as contributors to self- harm, depression, suicidal and eating disorders.

2018 saw her awarded a British Citizen Award for her contribution to education and young people.