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Our Campaigns

Our campaigns all have the same agenda: to raise awareness, to highlight those hidden by shame and stigma but also recognise controlling behaviours, a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means needed for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behaviour as well as coercive behaviours, acts or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim.

#CanYouHearUsNow has been designed to create a united front. This simple, effective, no-frills campaign collates real recordings of domestic abuse survivors from all over the world in a bid to give domestic abuse a ‘face’ and form a brazen act of solidarity in the face of increasingly alarming statistics.

We are requesting survivors from anywhere in the world as well as campaigners, health, social care professionals and anyone affected by domestic abuse and all of those who are ready to ‘own’ their experience, stand boldly before the world and say ‘Can You Hear Us Now?’

From Celia Peachey to Rachel Williams, this campaign has been driven by the voices of women all over the world. One of those voices could be yours.

#CanYouHearUsNow? Upload your story of how you survived and thrived; use our #hashtags on your Social Media posts; become a S.W.I.M Coach and volunteer with us; become a domestic abuse advocate.


Football’s impact and contributions to the world are virtually unmatched. There is no other sport which facilitates us in relating more effectively as individuals, as corporate organizations; even religion and politics are not exempt from football’s sphere of influence. It is a universal passion and an invaluable tool for unity and advancement. Which is why we need you on our team.

#TackleDV is a campaign created by Strength With In Me Foundation working with national footballing bodies, clubs, players, and fans to empower young people in finding their self-worth and aid in reducing the domestic abuse problem. Through #TackleDV campaign we want to give domestic abuse a straight red card and halt this endemic among our young people once and for all.

Our job isn’t an easy one, but we are making waves. We are asking you to join us to make a positive difference. Today. We can work with your club to help achieve life-changing results for the next generation.

Email to find out how, or to find out how you can sponsor our work.

‘S.W.I.M’s approach and ideas for combatting Domestic Violence are so inspiring. My mother, Maria Stubbings, was murdered by her former partner and since then I have fought a long battle to keep the Human Rights Act as part of the British Law. The work S.W.I.M does and joining their efforts as an Ambassador has filled me with hope.’ Celia Peachey, International Speaker and Activist.